As we have practical in house tax director experience we will provide the following services, which we consider to be essential for good tax management practices:

  • Evaluating existing investment structures to identify tax opportunities or risks and assisting to implement measures to capitalize on opportunities and minimize risk.

  • Reviewing business operations to identify contingent tax exposures and addressing them thus ensuring that the business is fully tax compliant in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

  • Working with management and business stakeholders to ensure that new business opportunities are implemented in a transparent, sustainable and tax efficient manner.

  • Addressing issues such as tax leakage, withholding taxes and capital gains

  • Designing tax management policies.

  • Tax due diligence on the acquisition of businesses or investments.

  • Tax Return review to ensure that all appropriate claims for tax deductions and tax exclusions have been made.

  • Ad hoc tax advisory advice.

  • Controversy – handling enquiries from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.


We provide ad hoc cross border advisory and planning services, specifically for international clients with inward and outward investment into Hong Kong and China and provide country specific advice for companies currently investing in these locations. This includes the tax consequences of investment, operation and exit.

We can also provide tax support on specific longer term projects, as required.


We prepare Hong Kong Profits Tax and Salaries Tax Returns and Computations, ensuring that tax deductions are maximized and tax exclusions correctly identified.

With more than 30 years of experience in successfully handling enquiries from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue (“IRD”) Department we can handle all your tax enquiry letters, be it concerning offshore claims, capital and revenue claims or the nature of expenditure.



Specializing in International Inbound and Outbound Tax Advice for Corporate Cross-Border Business




In an ever increasingly complicated tax environment our vision is to ensure that every business, no matter how large or small, has access to highly technical but practical tax advice.

We want to help businesses to manage their tax affairs in an ethical, transparent and sustainable manner whilst still achieving tax efficiencies thus securing effective tax rates that are agreeable to all stakeholders, be it shareholders or tax authorities.

We understand that tax controversies can be exceedingly damaging to the reputation of a business and our vision is that, by assisting our clients to implement sound tax management practices, they will not encounter this risk.

Finally, we understand that clients have varying needs and budgets so our vision is also to provide our services at an affordable price for all.



We believe that, the essence of implementing sound tax management policies is a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the business and the short term and long term visions and strategies of the business heads and shareholders.

When we are engaged by a client, our first priority is to fully understand these issues and we will then start to develop investment structures and tax management policies which will accommodate both short term and long term business strategies in a tax efficient manner. We fully consider the tax consequences of investment, operation and exit.

We believe in getting it right from day one as restructuring exercises to remedy ill thought out investment structures are costly in terms of tax and management time.





Sue is a UK Chartered Tax Adviser with over 35 years of international tax experience, mainly in the area
of financial services.

After working with the Big 4, where she specialized in providing tax advice to financial institutions,
including banks, fund, insurance companies and funds managers she worked at Deutsch Bank as a
director in the tax financing group. Subsequently, she spent 10 years as the Deputy Regional Tax
Director with Credit Suisse. In that time, she supported front office groups such as Private Equity, Equity,
Fixed Income and Asset Management by advising on sustainable but tax efficient products and
investment structures.

She assisted both the Distressed Asset Funds and the Private Equity Funds to set up their investment
structures to ensure that they benefited from low effective tax rates and enabled them to have access
to an extensive double tax treaty network achieving tax efficiencies on initial investment, operation and
exit. She also undertook tax due diligence exercises in respect of targeted investments throughout the

Sue was also the Head of New Business – Tax for Asia Pacific, advising on the tax implications of any new
investment, product or business to ensure they were implemented in a transparent yet tax efficient

In the last 10 years, she has advised SMEs and MNCs, including private equity funds and venture capital
funds, on international tax matters, in particular inward and outward investment to and from Hong
Kong and Mainland China. Sue has worked in the UK, Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong and Mainland
China, and India.

She is the founding shareholder of SB Tax Advisors (International) Limited which provides dedicated out
sourced tax director and tax advisory services to businesses with international operations.




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